2014: Trends in Social Media for Small Business

There are three main trends in Social Media that continue to be a focus in 2014:

  • Continued diversification and specialisation of social networking sites.  This presents a continuing challenge for small business owners trying to keep up with social media trends and also the tools and technologies that can help them.
  • Content marketing.  As blogs, websites and social media have integrated the focus is now on continually creating fresh, valuable, relevant & consistent content.
  • Mobile internet use is continuing to grow.  A mobile strategy is no longer optional, it is required.  Responsive design is important, as is considering a wider viewpoint of how mobile technology can be integrated in your wider marketing activities.

What can small business do?

  1. Start with a strategy.  Even if it is a one-page handwritten mud map on the back of a napkin, created over your morning coffee.  A simple strategy includes: what outcomes you would like, how you plan to achieve them and how you plan to measure your results and the effectiveness of your efforts.
  2. Create a workflow process for your content creation.  Who is going to help you create your content?  What tools do you have at your disposal?  What content have you already go that could be shared (product information, FAQs, customer testimonials).

For more information, please download our factsheet below.  If you would like help with your online marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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