Countdown to Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign

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Tic, toc, the clock is ticking away and Christmas is fast approaching. Are you ready? Do you have your Christmas digital marketing campaign prepared? Planning your Christmas Marketing Campaign 1. Start planning.  Shopping centres and supermarkets take down the Halloween pumpkins and cobwebs and start hanging [...]

5 Tips to Get Your Christmas Digital Marketing Organised.

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Christmas Digital Marketing Tips Christmas is coming.  It is that time of year as a small business owner that you are thinking of your Christmas digital marketing and how you can ensure that you have everything in place for your Christmas marketing.  September has slid past, October too and suddenly we are mid-November and it [...]

Choose the Best Email Marketing Tool for your Business in 3 Easy Steps

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Email marketing tools are plentiful so how do you choose the right email marketing software for YOUR business? What are email marketing tools?  Email marketing tools are are simply online software that takes care of the hard work for you when sending emails to multiple people.  That means that they shouldn't MAKE it hard work. [...]

Google Plus Versus Google Maps for Small Business Digital Marketing

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What is the Difference Between Google Plus and Google Maps and How Does it Help Your Small Business Digital Marketing? Confused about the difference between Google Plus and Google Maps? You are not alone. Small business owners that are used to Yellow Pages as the go to business directory are coming to realise that Google [...]

Google Knowledge Graph – What Small Business Needs to Know

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Google’s Knowledge Graph - A simple guide for small business owners. Google Knowledge Graph has been around since 2012 but few business owners are aware of it. It is used by Google both behind-the-scenes (to help Google improve its search relevancy) and also to present boxes within its search results that provide direct answers.  (Try searching [...]

Top 5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

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We were asked by a customer recently: How do we get more people to see our social media? What are the benefits of social media marketing, and Do you blog? Small business is often targeted by marketers singing the praises of social media marketing. "Promote your brand and grow your business by 500% in just 12 months"   Wow, [...]