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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Online marketing solutions to help your business grow

Digital Marketing for Small Business:

Digital marketing is different for every business.  It can include:

If you are interested in using digital marketing to reach our to your customers, Get Online Australia can help.

Each small business is different in the way that it can and should use digital marketing to reach out to potential and current customers.

A tourism business interacts online with it’s target audience (who could be anywhere in the world) very differently to a local hairdresser who wants to talk to people within their local geographic area and hopefully keep them as customers for the long term.

Here are some common reasons why a small business might reach out to Get Online Australia for help with their digital marketing:

Not getting found on Google?Digital marketing includes search engine optimisation

Get Online Australia helps small businesses with their digital marketing by helping them get found on Google, get their messages out on social media and stay in touch with customers to help generate repeat business.  We offer a range of digital marketing packages to help small business get on top of their online marketing.

When we create websites for customers, we want those websites to be cost effective, to perform and to deliver results for our clients.  We love hearing from our clients “our website enquiries have increased” and “people are finding us” we take that same ethos and apply it to our digital marketing services, including search engine optimisation.

Avoid the time sink of Social Media:

Social media can become an un-focused time sink for small business.  You may know the feeling… you go on Facebook to make a post and half an hour later you click off thinking ‘What am I doing?  Why am I even on Facebook?”  we hear this from our customers.   They don’t have time for social media because it COSTS them time and they aren’t seeing the engagement or results they would hope for the time investment.  Social media is a digital marketing channel that can help your website perform, help you engage with your past and future customers and even help your search engine optimisation (how you get found in Google).  The challenge is getting it to do those things, and do it in a time effective manner.  Our digital marketings services for small business can help achieve this for your business.

Monthly Digital Marketing Coaching and Support

Get online Australia offers monthly digital marketing support and coaching to help you get more from your online presence, whether that means more enquires, better customer relations or simply “being found” through a search engine optimised website that performs for your business.

Get Online Australia offers digital marketing support for small business including: social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

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