Improving customer satisfaction in eCommerce

The Internet has changed the nature of business, forever. Today, customers buy from all over the world and while there are certain mega-retailers, like Amazon, anyone can start an online business for very little investment. The very ease with which an Internet business can be started means that competition is high. There’s no such thing as an unexplored niche. Consequently, it is more important than ever to build a stable customer base of people who want to patronise your business on an ongoing basis.The best way to do that is through improving customer satisfaction in eCommerce.

But, how to build that satisfaction? You can start by applying these recommendations to your eCommerce business.

Improving customer satisfaction in eCommerce

Be professional

Operating in a professional manner stimulates confidence and keeps customers coming back. What is professional? It’s answering communication in a timely manner. It’s having a professional looking website that is easy to use and provides the information visitors want. Professional is also standing behind your product and ensuring that customers are satisfied at every point.

Improving customer satisfaction in eCommerce customer satisfaction

Be open and honest

Make it easy for people to communicate with your company. You can provide them with a toll free number or offer live chat. Even if all you can afford is a contact form, you should make sure that people get their questions answered quickly. And never lie to a customer, even unintentionally. Never make up an answer if you don’t have an actual answer to a question. Do your research and get back to the customer as quickly as possible.

Maintain high standards of customer service

Today’s consumers have more places to shop than ever before, this is why it is vital to treat customers as the most important people in the world. Always keep them well informed, especially about what items are in stock and what the backorder dates are, if any. If a customer has a problem then it is up to you or your employees to ensure that the problem gets resolved quickly. Ideally, questions should be answered or problems addressed at once, but no one should ever have to wait more than 24 hours.

ecommerce customer service and customer satisfaction in eCommerce

Maintain a high quality website

A high quality website says a lot about your business. Your site should load quickly and navigation should be easy. Also, never clutter your site with unnecessary images or videos. However, a high quality image is still worth a thousand words.

Make purchasing easy

Website checkouts should be easy and fast. Shipping costs should be visible right up front and calculated well ahead of the purchase page. The easier it is for customers to buy, the more sales you will make.

Improving customer satisfaction in eCommerce is first and foremost about understanding your customers. Conducting surveys, staying connected via social media and market research all contribute to increasing customer satisfaction in eCommerce and making your online business a success.

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