How to develop an online marketing strategy

2017-11-08T12:42:43+00:00 By |Digital Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing|

What is an online marketing strategy? Basically, an online marketing strategy is determining how you will achieve your marketing goals.  People sometimes confuse strategy with tactics.  However, there is a clear difference.  The best way to understand that difference is to think of strategy as planning while tactics are the actions taken as dictated by [...]

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Next Blog Post.

2018-04-05T20:12:28+00:00 By |Small Businesses|

Once you have your website live, the next big step is adding posts.  Here are 4 easy ways to make that process simpler and get those posts written. 1)     Consider your message and audience: What do you want to connect with your customers about? Do you want to show your expertise? Do you want to [...]

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