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What is wordpress and is it good for small business?WordPress Training Course

Looking to setup your business using a WordPress website or already have a WordPress website and want to know how to edit and update it?

Whenever Get Online Australia design a website for our small business customers we always include 1:1 Wordpress training.  Wordpress is software and like and software it comes with a learning curve.

A professional website is vital for any business, and great content, updated often, is one of the keys to attract new and returning visitors.  This is one of the great advantages of a WordPress website, once you are familiar with the software, updating it with new text, images and video becomes a breeze.

Understanding how your WordPress website works, plus how you and your team can manage and update its content is vital for your business marketing.  Of course, it isn’t for everyone which is why we offer digital marketing solutions and website suppport. Some people just prefer to get on with their core business and that is fine too.

But if you are interested in learning how to harness the power of WordPress yourself  then Get Online Australia provide WordPress training courses for people of all skill levels and ability.

We can provide one to one training or affordable online courses.  We also offer social media and digital marketing courses such as our very popular course How to Market your Small Business from your Smartphone.

If you are a small business you can even learn how to build and manage your website yourself using WordPress.  This takes time, and a lot of learning but if it is an area you are interested in then it can be a rewarding challenge!  If you haven’t managed websites before then we do recommend considering the use of a WordPress website designer to establish this critical foundation for your business as there are many unseen elements of a good website that a good website designer will include and which serves a business well.  But, if you want to take on the challenge then we want to ensure that you build a website that serves you well and we have the course to help you do that!

We offer courses specifically created for Small Business at attractive prices.  Want to know more?  Get in touch today.

Who is our WordPress Training for?

While our WordPress training is most often used by small business owners and their team members, or people keen to start a new business, it is equally use for: teachers, museum staff, scientists, researchers, campaigners and anyone that finds they need to use WordPress to communicate on their topic of expertise using this publishing platform.  Community and sporting groups often find that the WordPress platform provides a great way to create an online platform for their organisation that is easy for them to communicate and stay in touch with their members from.  This includes, but is certainly not limited to: local charities, environment organisations, sporting groups and business networking groups.

What level of computer skill do I need to undertake WordPress Training?

You need to be able to work your way around your Mac or PC.  While knowing how to use a simple image-editing program is helpful, if you can use Word and Email then you can use WordPress.

What can I learn from your WordPress Training?

WordPress is a very powerful content management system, and it can have added functionality such as e-commerce, online booking systems, newsletter integration and more.  Our courses start from the basic: moving around your WordPress website, adding pages, adding images and changing text through to more advanced topics.  Some of the things we teach are:

  • Integrating WordPress with social media, video and newsletters
  • Search engine optimising your WordPress content
  • Improve the presentation of your WordPress website pages using shortcodes to add columns, buttons and more
  • Adding plugins to increase the functionality of your website
  • Editing and managing forms
  • Ensuring your WordPress websites is secure, backed-up and up to date
  • Understanding Google Analytics and Google Webmaster data
  • Monitoring and improving the performance of your WordPress website
  • Review your search engine optimisation


Get Online Australia also run workshops with groups of small business owners (up to 6 people) if you have an organisation that could benefit from training your staff in the use of WordPress, please get in touch for a WordPress Training quote today.